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Michelle Ganpat

Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer

Michelle Ganpat is an ERYT-900 (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) and Reiki Practitioner who helps others better their lives and live with intention. From New York, she traveled to Rishikesh, India, the world's yoga capital, to earn RYT-500 and become a true yogi. Michelle has been practicing yoga for over a decade and walked away from a successful career in corporate finance to become a yoga teacher and live her passion to the max.  

A trauma-informed yoga teacher, Michelle honors the true roots of yoga and extends her practice beyond poses to truly reshape lives. Through meditations, she helps people reconnect with their spirit, rediscover purpose, break free from societal stigmas, and live unapologetically. Through Sweet Karma Yoga, Michelle provides a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for yogis of all ages and capabilities to practice the art and discover the oneness of the body and mind. 

In 2017, Michelle attended the United Nations International Day of Yoga and World Peace Event as a speaker to raise awareness about the importance of yoga and mindfulness in the urban communities. Next up, she joined Her Honor Mentoring Program as the Yoga and Meditation Teacher and continues to share her knowledge to impact lives positively.


Michelle is a certified Kids' Yoga and Meditation Teacher who has worked extensively with adolescents and teens who either braved trauma or come from underserved communities. As a true yogi, she aims to make yoga and meditation accessible to all and help kids learn how to manage stress and emotions. Michelle has served in schools, libraries, and community spaces throughout Westchester County and New York City. 

Through Sweet Karma Yoga, Michelle brings yoga and meditation to schools and communities in NYC and Westchester & Duchess Counties and provides yogis a safe space to show up authentically. Michelle's style is different than the typical Western yoga, and she strives to go beyond and deliver a complete experience by fusing the five senses, the third eye, and the gut. 

Michelle is also a founder of the non-profit Evolution of Love, formulated to educate, enlighten, and empower the masses. Besides this, she is a certified NYS Emergency Medical Technician and a lifelong athlete who fuses her diverse experience and deep knowledge to help others rise above trauma and rebuild their lives piece by piece. 

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